Monday, June 19, 2017

M J G Custom Quilt

As you can see by his birth date, 
he just received the quilt for his first birthday.

I think he likes it!
What do you think?


 This quilt order started out as an email as so:

Hi Ellen!
Here are the pictures that I could find of him as a little baby (only 4 of him by himself) 
 and then the 1 picture of XX and I with him can be used on the back of the quilt.
His full name is XXX  XXX  XXX and was born on June 13th 2016.

Colors navy blue, Kelly green and gray please! 
Let me know what else you need :)

Thank you!

I then printed out the photo transfers 
and chose the fabrics based on her color request.

Then decided on the design layout.
As you can see, I had a couple of layout options.

When I decided on what looked pleasing enough
then it was time to piece and then on to the quilting.

Here's the back.
Sorry for the smudging but I wanted to honor their privacy...  ;)

Finished Quilt:  ( I lost dimensions! Will post as soon as I receive. )
Special shout out to the hubs for being patient 
as he stretched and tip toed while he held the quilt for my photo shoot!
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