Friday, June 23, 2017

Anniversary/Vow Renewal Quilt

Last week I was honored to have been invited
to a vow renewal ceremony of two wonderful friends.
The ceremony was also the day before their 30th anniversary.

Of course I wanted to make them an anniversary quilt.

Their invitation was in reds and creams with just a tad of green for leaves.

I knew that I was going to make a heart...
and of course it is to be designed free.... and without a pattern.

a little wonky...  but good enough.  ;)

Choosing the fabrics for the milestone pictures to go along with the heart was a little tough.

But I think it turned out pretty okay.

The pictures I chose are of the two of them through the years.
Added by a couple of milestone events.

I know that they already received and opened it.
Which is why I am blogging about it now. ;)

It is quilted together with hearts and the word love throughout.

I really enjoyed making this quilt.

Even the binding wasn't too bad... LOL

 Here's the back.  I didnt cut off my son smiling at the top holding the corner.;)

 Turned out pretty good I think..

Not bad for not having a pattern!

Finished Quilt:   77" x 79"


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