Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two In One!

Did I already tell you how much I love my old students?!
There is never a time where I am not touched by their remembrance.

After so many hours of 
working and listening and crying and laughing with them
throughout their years of college
I cannot help but refer to them as my "kids".
...and I am honored when they give me a title of "second mom"
or "mom away from home".

This everyday contact with them is what I miss the most.

So it is heartwarming,
that although I only teased them about sending me a postcard 
from wherever they are in the world,
when they actually do!

When I receive my handwritten surprise in the mail,
the acts of buying the card, writing and then sending the card
while they are on their vacations
are meaningful acts that are very much noted by me.

Today I got a two in one!
And his messages just made me smile first thing this morning.
(I didn't realize that I had mail from yesterday 
 I got home late last night and went straight to bed.)

What a wonderful start to a day.
....and this can only mean that I have to continue the gesture to someone else.

So to my chosen person who will be receiving
a surprise hand written note from me,
comment below and share your thoughts 
when you receive your surprise in the mail.
....it's the little things!  

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