Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Pocket Change

Last night I completed the necklace and earrings of one of my students. She had bought some beautiful beads that she wanted turned into jewelry. She didn't want any extras but just the beads themselves. Here's one of the strands that she had brought me of which I added little spacers to accentuate the beads. I forgot to take a picture of the other one.

Now in keeping with my new year's resolution of being "greener", I was ecstatic that the electricians came to my buildings and had them change the ballasts of all the lights. Now the houses are just a little more energy efficient and the bulbs definitely last longer! My students keep asking me why I never have my lights on in my office and I keep saying that I'm trying to save the earth. Now, when they ask me, I can say that it's because the new bulbs are extremely bright! As the electricians were leaving, I noticed a whole bunch of wires and asked them about it. They said that they were going to throw them away!!! So I asked for it. Here they are!!! I think that they would be terrific as movable joints for my art dolls! Definitely better than working with pipecleaners... Here's a picture of the wires, aren't they wonderful? Look at their colors!!

Then lastly, here's a picture of placemat that my Mom had given me. There's a dozen of them. Notice how they curl on the sides? They drive me crazy and I just want to throw them out! Any suggestions on what I can do with them??

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