Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mary Poppins Bag

It seems that no matter how much laundry I do there will ALWAYS be something to launder. My laundry basket, which has now become 3 baskets, are like Mary Poppins's bottomless!!!! And will you believe it if I tell you that I do the laundry almost every day?

So, I wanted to share with you the room that I am in the most! My laundry room!! This is also the room that you first enter in from the garage. That's the garage door that you see on the left. All of our doors and trims are painted in a brownish/black. It was specially mixed at our neighborhood paint store to get the right color that I had in mind. Not quite black but not quite brown either.

This is the best picture that I could take with the lighting. S1 LOVES energy efficient bulbs that I claim is probably the cause of my eyesight going bad. There's hardly enough light to see in there!

This room is fairly small at approximately 6 feet by 14 feet. I really didnt want it to be any bigger than it needed to be because I wanted the square footage more in the public areas of the house. Why all the fabric draped over the machines? Well, since this room is a main pass-through for us it has also become the junk collector. Shoes, purses, jackets,..just about anything that you have in hand that you drop as soon as you enter. So I had to put something to protect the machines from getting scratched. See the pencil sharpener at the right corner? That pencil sharpener is dated 1900. It was S1's grandmother's sharpener in her classroom when she was a teacher. (I have to confirm this with Mom K since S1 tends to not be completely accurate with things ;oP But the date is correct!)

Here's the junk drawers and the keeper of our keys.
Why the piece of tile on the cabinet? This is S1's catch-all place. All of his coins and whatever is in his pocket gets dumped here. So the tile is to again save the cabinet from any distress.
This is probably the only time that you will see this room this clean! ;oP

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