Thursday, March 15, 2012

Still Sick

So I am still under the weather after the long wait for Student Day.. So there's not a whole lot to blog about. However, I did put some dent last week in the ENORMOUS pile of scraps in several bins in my studio room. According to S1, it's not a studio but a "hoarder's" problem. =o/ I guess it was time to start doing something about it. It's just that I hate to just dispose of things when I KNOW that it can be recycled.

So.. with the help of a telephone book, I followed a tutorial from Film in the Fridge of piecing my scraps with the help of paper.

By doing a little every day, (before the kids wake up and after they have fallen asleep) I was able to do 20 or so pieces. I really am able to make a twin size quilt with these but am thinking of at least a queen size. I have a couple of friends that just got engaged and this would make a wonderful wedding present! =o)

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