Monday, March 12, 2012

Student Piano Day and Spring!

T had her piano day adjudication at the university this past weekend. It was a day of waiting for me as I sat and waited and walked her from her different tests to her piano audition. Her piano teacher emailed us yesterday with her results and we are all so proud of her. Her hard work throughout the year paid off and she has advanced yet again to the next level. I forgot my camera and was not able to take any pictures of her on her day! (Bad Mommy!) =o(

The design of the music building was so that a constant breeze flowed through the hallways and despite my layers of clothing, I was still cold. So I am now sickly with a horrible chest cough and a sore throat. I hope that this does not turn into anything worse. =o(

Because of this, the rest of the weekend was unproductive with alot of chores on my to-do list still left. One of the must-dos was to try to make a dent at trimming the hedges. They have been untouched since last fall and they are all overgrown.

I must say though that the azaleas are quite spectacular this year and the magnolias are doing their fair share in the spotlight. I do wish that the deer would stop munching on them though so that they could show their full potential!

At this time of year, I am extremely happy at the plant choices that I made by planting the bright pink azaleas and the more subtle pinks of the magnolias towering above. They really highlight the greys of the English manor style house well. As the azaleas stop their blooms and their bright green foliage kicks in, the bright fuschia blooms of the crape myrtles take over in the spotlight. So except in the dead of winter, the house is always amidst pink blooms! =o)

Here is my most favorite tree in our whole property. It is a Japanese Plum tree. This tree is truly spectacular. When it awakens in the spring, it gets fully covered with pink blooms. Once the heat of the summer deepens, the blooms turn into reddish-brown leaves and stays that way until the winter. It is in our backyard to the right of our picture window seen from the main formal living room area.

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