Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nichols and Stone

Yesterday has got to be one of my best "thrifting" days! I have been looking for Windsor chairs for my kitchen for like forever. I have entertained the idea of just getting any garage sale chair and refinishing it myself but the thought of trying to do this with all them spindles have erased this idea from my head!

So off I went on my regular Saturday morning jaunt and what do I find on my second stop? Windsor Chairs! A pair of them, in the color I want.....and even better, a couple of antiques made by Nichols and Stone!!!!! These are actually side chairs and I wish that I knew a little more about their history.

For those of you that dont know, Nichols and Stone were among, if not THE leading manufacturers of the American Windsor chair. This pair (worth even more because they are a pair) were made for Centenary College in neighboring New Jersey. I am now the proud owner of a pair of them!! =o)

At auction nowadays with the more reputable auction houses, these chairs would probably fetch a price of no less than $300 a piece!

If I tell you how much I actually spent for these chairs, I absolutely think that you would faint in amazement! =o)

If you are a collector of 19th century pieces, or an antique dealer, or just an avid fan and know-all about Nichols and Stone, Hitchcock or an alumni or history buff about Centenary College and know anything about these chairs, please let me know!!! I'd really love to know their story!!!

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