Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 9: Palawan

We caught a flight again but this time from Clarke Airport.  We were so glad that we dont have to go back to Manila again until we leave for the U.S.  The drive there just takes so long because of traffic!

We boarded our flight with Asia Air and and again the weather was cooperative.  It is hard to imagine that there were tropical storms happening and passing through the Philippines at this time.  Our flight took a little more than an hour and pretty soon, we felt the plane descending.  I was so excited to be going back here and am curious as to how it looks after 20 years.  Has it remained the untouched natural beauty that it once was?
Here is the picture taken of Palawan from the window of the plane.

Again we were met and shuttled by the hotel transport service and was driven a short 20 minutes to our hotel.
We checked in at the Centro Hotel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
They definitely did not come close to Avenue Plaza in Naga.  Their rooms were cramped and the elevator was musty but it was okay overall.  They did try hard to meet our comforts.  But after the customer service and the atmosphere of Avenue Plaza in Naga, any place else is going to seem second best.

After getting settled into the hotel and tricycle rides to the nearest recommended restaurant, we all called it a night.

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