Sunday, March 10, 2013

Building the Base

Can I tell you that I really LOVE these miter saws?.... 
I wonder how long Dad K will let me keep it?!  ;oP 
Look at the great job I did on them angles!
I thought I was going to keep it at 20" deep but decided that it would look teeny in the room with too high of  a ceiling.  So I added another 2x4 to the front and it looks much better.
Next was the headache. The darn color. S1 says that I shouldnt be too concerned since we have so many wood colors already in the room. O_O Really?! Well, I decided that almost everything in the room is dark so the best thing would be to go with the lightest color so that it would not make the room even darker. 
                     This is the hutch that our TV sits on.  The hutch is from Mom and Dad K and I stripped it with the intention of repainting it.  But I like the natural rustic patina that makes it look like aged wood.  I like how some of the old stain accents the details of the carving.  So it's a keeper.  
I didnt know what color stains to use to get to those colors.  So I spent most of yesterday experimenting.  Did anyone tell you not to bring in your stained wood to dry inside your house with all the windows shut?  Well, I'm telling you now.  DONT!  Especially if you used mineral spirits to diulte your stains!  The smell makes you so darn loopy and dizzy!
If you look at the top of the plywood towards the top angle, I think I'm getting close.  But needs a slight touch of rust...
                          TA-DA!  They look BOOOOOOOOTIFUL, don't they?!  =o)
They are a mixture of butter pecan and onyx stain in different consistencies mixed with mineral spirit.
In just a little bit, I will be attaching them to the wall....
WOOHOO!  =o)  

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