Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bringing It Back

Yup!  I'm returning the table saw back to Home Depot.
I haven't even taken it out of the van!
Conversation with MomK resulted to DadK loaning me his!
Yeah, they have a different version of the "loaning" part but I prefer my version better!
At any rate, it's one of em fancy shmancy ones and a pretty good size.
And only way that it'll be brought over is if I make room for it in the garage!  O_O
I am sure that hubby and my mom (who has been nagging me to clean it since we moved in!) will be sooooo happy!)  'Cause I want this table saw really bad...  I NEED this table saw really bad...
So guess I'm cleaning the darn garage!
Good thing I'm done with the burgundy and grey stoles!

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