Friday, April 19, 2013

Busy but Almost Done!

The day job has kept me busy and this was also FCAT week for the kids.
FCAT week meant even earlier days starting with full on breakfast with eggs and toast and bacon and the whole 9 yards! Kids say that their brains need nutrition.
This was also the tail end of hiring of our new ambassadors for the next academic year at work.
I have also been knee deep in sewing the graduation stoles.
Here was the last stole that I made.
I also wanted to show you my almost finished fireplace shelf surround!
I put on all the lights for this picture to show you how well I did with hiding all the wiring.
I LOVE mouldings!  =o)
The lighting on that second shelf really isnt that noticeable.  It's only on this picture since I had to angle the camera (phone) to hide the bottom shelf.  ;oP
Well?!  Watcha think?  Pretty darn good I think for the first time ever!  ;o)
I hide the bottom portion because its doors are not quite done.
Actually, I haven't even started the doors.
It's really quite aggravating not to have the tools you need.
All I have is a 10" miter saw (on loan) that doesn't help much when you've got wider than 12" widths...and I got tired of having to drive to Home Depot and reload the planks of wood to get cut.
Soooooooo, I bought myself a table saw tonite!!!  =oD
Sooooooooo excited!  So hopefully I'll get some time in this weekend to tinker with it.
Between sewing the graduation stoles, and prep-ing the foods for my dinner party on Sunday, and going to son's soccer game, and driving T to her grandma's.... 
Please leave me a comment, really would love to hear what you think about my shelf. 
It's the first major thing I've ever built!
Dont mind all the chachkies on the shelves for now..
I'll move it all around to its nicely decorated state when the other side is done.