Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Is Here!

Or is it summer?!
Here's my favorite tree sporting its purplish leaves!  =o)
Mom K brought us some pretty flowers.
They all seem happy but I really need to repot them already...
But there is just so much to do and very little time and unfortunately it rained last sunday when I had the time to do it.
But they're all abloom...
I thought the petunias looked pretty in the birdbath and I thought that its roots would be happy with the rainwater. 
Until T admonishingly tells me that I'm cultivating a mosquito farm. O_O
Her little garden is doing well.. and she has managed to keep the weeds down.
I,on the other hand....
...have been not as conscientious.  I really have to get the darn mulch already...
Those weeds and grass just grow remarkably fast!
Any tips to keep them in control?!?

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