Sunday, May 19, 2013

Do I need a camera?

So blogging is still at a minimum because the phone is still dead.   =o(
I looked into buying a camera but then changed my mind because I will probably not use it when I get my new phone.  But it's only May and I have 2 more months to go and I may just give in in exasperation. 
It's really sad when a lot of things happen and I am not able to take pictures!
We had to go to Orlando this past Friday and so we made the most of things and
went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
That's S2's finger in the forefront.  ;oP
It really sucks when you are borrowing a phone (hubby's) and it runs out of battery...  okay, really?! 
I mean he KNEW my phone is dead and we don't have a camera and
therefore I'd be using his phone....  why did he not fully charge it?
Aside from Potter land, we got spoiled by my sister. 
(I really hate going to her house cause I eat so darn much!) 
I also stopped by the Joann Fabrics Superstore that is right around the corner from her house
and spent too much money...  I MEAN too much money.
So you should be seeing project posts soon including the hopefully soon to be finished piecing of a quilt that I have been stumped on for a year now!  I found the PERFECT fabric this weekend for it!
Then, me and the hubs got to go on a mini-date and watched a movie.  WOOHOO!  Can you believe it!?  We watched Star Trek and if you haven't seen it, you should!  That was last night. 
Today is catch up day, and I am all sore and stinky as I type this post because I have dug and transplanted 4 banana sprouts from Buster's banana tree.
   These dwarf trees have grown fairly large and blocks the view from the window of the orchard (that's what we call our dog run!  ;oP because all of our fruit bearing trees are planted back there).
 I thought that this is best time to re-plant before they get all big.
I took this picture of Bus before he died.  He loved those trees.  He loved that spot.
I left a baby tree there just for him. 
And lastly, we went to the inlaws to pick up a new friend!
=oD  Can you tell how excited I am?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I need a camera!
Hope your weekend was just as fun and fulfilling!

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