Saturday, May 11, 2013

T's Enchanted Garden Quilt

So my phone is dead.  Dead in the sense that all you can do with it is call people.  Thank goodness I can still call people.  But everything else about it is dead, including the camera. 
What is a blogger without a camera?  Which is why I haven't been posting!  Not good. 
So last weekend we went to our local quilt show.  MomK had a couple of quilts in it.  
I borrowed S1's phone to take the pics.
Our camera is dead too.  =o(
MomK had her special entry which was a surprise for T.
Here they are reading the entry description. 
Grandma then told her to come look at the dedication.
The quilt is titled T's Enchanted Garden.
She made it for her wedding.
She says that by the time T gets married, she will probably be too old to quilt and she wanted to make sure that she gets a wedding quilt from her Grandma.
So she made one.  =o)
The work was all needlepoint appliqued and hand embellished. 
It was a large piece and I couldn't photograph it well because of the space that it was hung in.
It won a third place ribbon.
 The first two that placed she thought were the best appliquers in the quild. 
So she was proud of her ribbon.
 I'm glad that she has this picture and this memory with her Grandma.
I told her to look hard at this quilt... 
since she wont see it again until her wedding day!  

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