Monday, May 27, 2013

Honda Bay

So apparently, Isla Pandan (here) was actually after Honda Bay. 
But whatever.  As I said (here), blogging a year later will be testing my memory. 
So, this place in Honda Bay is actually a floating island.
Not good for me at all, with my motion sickness. 
I actually did not like this stop at all. 
Not just because of the motion sickness thing, but because it was very commercialized
and you were treated like an assembly line.
You get out of your boat and you walk on this floating plank towards the floating island.
The island roof is kinda cool though.  It's a turtle.  ;oP
So you get on the island and you are packed with a ga-jillion people clustered by their tour groups. 
Here are our main tour guides.  Remember that we had 2 vans because of our group size.
The surrounding water was sectioned out by buoys.
 ...and when they say jump, you jump.  ;oP
and yes, it was this crazy in the water!  Each group had a water guide.
I didn't snorkel so I was in charge of the out of water shots.
But as hectic and as ugly as the above water shots were,
the underwater was a completely different and magnificent world.
...and these were only some of the wonderful pictures that we took. 
The water guides definitely knew where all the picture spots were.
According to the kids and hubs, it was breathtaking!
..and all had a wonderful snorkeling  good time!!


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