Friday, May 24, 2013

Isla Pandan

While we enjoyed this wonderful island (here) our tour guide group cooked our meal.  Al fresco.
They had brought our food and lugged it in coolers so they were efficient and quick with their system. 
But the island provided some vendors that had even more fresh things to try.

and how can you not add more to the menu with these fresh fish!?
So...  here's the menu!
 Grilled shrimp and Squid. 
 Boiled crabs.
Grilled fish with tomatoes/garlic sauce.
Rice, of course!... and the abundant fresh fruits!
We washed it all down with fresh coconut juice!
Bought from these guys. They sure could use them bolo axes!  They were great to watch!
And they had quite a successful business!  They always had a long line of people.
This island is such a treasure...

 ...and with just a small sprinkling of souvenir vendors, it made for a wonderful and peaceful respite from the island hopping tour.
The best thing about it?
Was that it had zero waste! 
All trash must be brought out and none to be left behind.
Otherwise there would be a fine.
Isn't this just absolutely magnificent?!  A place without waste!
Hmmm...  maybe this was paradise?
By the way, what's paradise without one of these?...  ;o)

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  1. What a wonderful place, the food looks delicious. Thanks so much for sharing.