Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I've got Mail!

There is nothing better than checking your email and getting mail that says "Etsy order confirmation for $$$$".  I get so excited when I see those subject headings!  When I make something for my shop, I take pics of it, put it in Etsy, post it on FB then hope that it sells.  More often that not, I forget about it until it's time to renew the listing...and then of course I renew it again. 
In the meanwhile, it sits in a closet waiting its fate. 
Today, one of my upcycled pillows sold and it feels wonderful! 
However, I did not see (until it was too late) that the buyer had requested that I not include the receipt since she bought it as a gift for her dad!
When I saw this message I was in panic mode.  After going back to the post office (hours later) and asking them to look for said package and getting package back to pull out the receipt after package surgery, all was in order again in my world.
My pillow is going to a dad...given with love from a daughter in another part of the world!
Really, really LOVE this!
Made me happy.  Would it not do the same for you?  =o)

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