Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ash Cave

After church on Sunday, we took a small hike to Ash Cave.

Its name is an interesting story of campfire ash vs. gunpowder.

The trail starts you off with just the serenity of the forests around it.
One cannot help but talk in low whispers so as not to disturb the beauty around you.
It is very breathtaking as you follow the path.
At first it is just the wooded hills on either side of you.

Then glimpses of the rocky formations start to show.

And soon you see the entrance of the cave.

What seems like a dark tunnel at the entrace opens up to a wondrous beauty.
The cave is humongous! 
With varying colors of umber and clay. 

And right in the middle of it all is a small waterfall.

We stayed here for a little while to explore some of its darkness and take pictures by its waterfall pool.

Then its a small stairway climb up and a hike back out of the cave and area.
What an absolutely wonderful end to a blessed day!

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