Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Everything!

We started this morning with a horseback ride through one of the hills in 
Hockinghills country.
It was one of the twins birthday presents from their Grandma and Jaja.
Unlike the Florida trails, this one was full of steep climbs and downhill slopes. 
It's a little scary when you look down from atop your horse and see the steep cliff down. 
I got put behind Hubby's horse who pooped most of the ride.
It was also the bad horse of the bunch.
So it liked to stray away from the pack which made my horse want to follow along.
But the ride was beautiful.  

...and a great start to the day.

Now to get ready for the party!
By the way, this post was from my new tablet!


  1. Nice, Ellen! We'll have to check out the state park one of these days. Have you been to Old Man's cave yet? :=)