Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cedar Falls

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In this book, it says that one of the places to see in this area is Hocking Hills.

I thought that Ash Cave was awesome but Cedar Falls was just as amazing!
The early settlers thought that all the trees found around this area were Cedar, hence the name.
However, they were mistaken because there are no Cedar trees in the area at all, mostly Hemlocks. 
The trail starts off with a beautiful stairway down the gorge.

Similar to the Ash Cave trail, the hiking scenery is just as picturesque with abundant flora.

Of course, because of the falls, there are alot of small water pools and trickling brooks.

There is so much to see that I wish there were benches along the path
where you can just stop and sit and get lost in the serenity of the place.
I kept taking pictures because I knew that I could not possibly take it all in,
in the time that we were there.
All of a sudden, you come around the corner of  the rock face and there you see the falls!

It is paradise.
And as I sit there letting the beauty take over me, I don't want to leave.
For it is not just the falls that is mesmerizing but all the surrounding area too.
I took so many pictures. Over 200, as a matter of fact! ;oP

I wish that I could just take shelter and spend the night right there in the falls' side caverns just as the native Indians used to.  I can only imagine the beauty of the night under the moon and stars and how much more magical it can be right before the sun rises in the morning.

It was hard to leave this place.
Although the canyon's beauty continues as we climb back out.
We chose to take the more adventurous path out and it was exciting climbing through the rocky cracks and crevices of the canyon.
Here is one of the last scenes right before the exit.
There are so many different ecosystems going on here that I had to sit for a little to take it all in.
What a truly remarkable place.


  1. love it...when I experience places like these, it makes you wonder the people who inhabited these places hundreds and thousands of years ago...puts everything in perspective huh

    1. "When I consider the vastness of God
      And all of the marvellous attractions that his hands have made
      Flowers and birds and oceans and mountains
      Truly God is an awesome wonder" -Kurt Carr

      We always need to put things in perspective. Being one with nature gives us that every time.