Saturday, July 13, 2013

Old Man's Cave. (Part 1)

It is hard for me to pick which one of the three (Ash Cave, Cedar Falls) or Old Man's Cave is the must see.
Because all three are spectacular with each one having its own beauty.
This trail for Old Man's Cave doesnt give you that "Ta-da!" grand moment like the other 2 does.
However, this trail has alot of beautiful scenic picture spots throughout. 

It also boasts its own beautiful waterfall and its own large cavern.
But I think that it is the most hyped attraction and puts the others at a disadvantage.
This particular park has many trails and is also much more challenging than the other two.
Because of the many steep steps.

The trail starts you off going down a steep tunnel where you have to trust your feet to feel the steps leading down. 

Your only guide being the light at the bottom of
 the descent.
Shortly after the tunnel, you take another narrow and steep stairway down the canyon and soon you are almost instantly taken to the main cavern of the Cave.

Although not as picturesque as Ash Cave, this cavern allows you to imagine what life is like for the inhabitants that used to take shelter in its many spacious and dark nooks.

The temperature is cool and damp, different from the hot and dry air above.
As mentioned above, it also has a beautiful waterfall. 

But unlike the other natural attractions, this one leads you to keep going on its trail and leads you to other picturesque spots. 

It has 5 main sections found along the valley of its creek. 
The trails are actually built by a Japanese artist, architect and mathematician, Akio Hizume.
The name old Man's Cave is named after Richard Rowe who lived in the main cave around the late 1700s.  He is buried in the ledge of the cave's main recesses. 

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