Sunday, April 3, 2016

Celebrating 50 Second Adventure  

My second adventure proposal was emailed to me below.  :)
What a wonderful shared adventure! 
 Since I am a retired educator and the 50 states played a part in teaching I thought of this activity.  During the course of the entire year prepare one recipe that is famous in each of our 50 states
           to coincide with your 50th Birthday Year.   You could even combine two or three recipes at a meal if you'd like - ex. an appetizer, entry, dessert. 

          Since there would be 50 recipes you could make one dish approximately every week or so. Make as many of these dishes as possible as a family project when time permits. 
You shouldn't have to do all of the cooking. 
          It should be spread around the family or in groups or even all of you at times.

          Take photos of the fun together and the dishes themselves.  
At the end of the year create a 50 state homemade cookbook with your recipe from each state and photos of your family cooking.  Give copies to T and S2 to keep and treasure the memories
          you have made together through your 50th year. 

          Not everyone will need to be involved with each dish since everyone is so busy and time is precious but just so that everyone is involved in the process with some of the cooking.  
Some of the dishes could be made by just one person or if time is scarce
          could maybe be bought - like Key Lime Pie for Florida, etc....   Since I'm a retired educator each dish could open up a wealth of discussion on that particular state. 

          You may even like to sell your Family Fifty Cookbook online with its special story background?????? 
          A quilted photo of the United States on the cover would tie in your amazing gift at quilting.  
I would definitely buy one of your cookbooks!!  :-)
Stay tuned for my third adventure!

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