Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fifth Adventure: Cosplaying

I finally got my adventure from T. 
I just love her.
She has always been so soulful.
I've always said that she has an old spirit.
Here's her adventure proposal...

   Make a costume or cosplay as someone.
You've made me costumes before,
 but I doubt you've really dressed up as somebody else since Halloween when you were little.
   Cosplaying is a way to be yourself when you're not yourself (does that make sense?).
 If you do something weird or stupid,
 then people think, "oh, that's because that's something their character would do." 
Basically, when you Cosplaying, nobody can judge you.
   Also, you said Halloween is different in the Philippines, 
and nobody dressed up. Loosen up and be 10 years old again.  xD



I cant wait to do this adventure with her.
Of course it will be in the spring during all the Renn fairs.
...and I already know my character too!  ;)

***In case you missed it***

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