Friday, July 29, 2016

6th Adventure: Write

My sixth adventure proposal came via mail.

And in it was a book box.
In the card had bits of passages from this friend's favorite author, James Salter.

"Life passes into pages
If it passes into anything.

To write! Because all this is going to vanish.
The only thing left will be...
what is written down"
My letter reads:
Life is for us to live the best, most purposeful way we can. 
People are for us to love and touch the best way we can too.
But it is hard to remember it all and we don't know what lies ahead.

My gift to you is also my challenge. 

Write what you feel, what you remember
anything related to each of them..
...something that you can leave them with.
Something of you that they can treasure.

We feel so much and we experience so much.
But the years are not so kind and there is much that we forget.

The books of love, 
yours for each of them 
 can help them through the roughest of storms someday.


I love you too, dear friend.
Challenge accepted.  

***In case you missed it***

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