Friday, August 12, 2016

Special Celebration

Last Saturday I completed my first 50 for 50 adventure.

I celebrated life with my dearest friends and family.

The venue was beautiful...
held in a historic clubhouse built in 1912.

It had beautiful wood floors...  just perfect for dancing!

Everyone seemed to have had a great time...
I know I did!:)

The theme of the celebration is Shades of Green.

and we had plenty of yummy "long" foods
to symbolize long life.

All of it truly was a fantastic scene!:)

That night, all in one room is where my past

 my present

and my future merged.

It was a wonderful celebration.
...and a beautiful adventure completed.

What a way to kick start my next half century!  :)
Stay tuned and read on....
come along for the ride.

***In case you missed it***
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Spend time and Enjoy with family and friends.

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