Friday, August 19, 2016

Adventure 8- Wine and Paint

One of my old colleagues and I had always planned to go a wine and paint night.

Before we had a chance to do the outing, she had moved.

When I asked for my adventure,
this was what she sent.

Actually, she sent two adventures
but I'm not going to share the other one.  ;)

Hi, Ellen!
I hope this email finds you doing great!
I wanted to give you some things that are easy to do 
and stuff that we never got a chance to do this together. I encourage you to:
2. Do the Corks and Canvas thing we never got to do - wave your creative flag proudly!
Sending you much love and happy thoughts!

Well tonight, I complete this adventure!
Some friends and I went to Painting with a Twist 
and had a fantastic time!

Second 50 adventures for 50 completed.

Thought of you the whole time, O!
I'm sure you would have had a fantastic time.
Wish you could have been here...

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Adventure 8- Wine and Paint- ADVENTURE COMPLETED.

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