Sunday, September 4, 2016

Adventure 9- Dance Like No One is Watching

People wonder... why are my fruit trees always laden with fruits?

Why is each bough so heavy that we have to prop them up with 2 by 4s?

It's because of beautiful visits from friends such as this!

Beautiful creatures that sport the most fantastic of colors.

This one with bold blues that the camera couldn't capture well....

But it lingered around for a while and let me visit with it.

Then other friends came to visit too!

Some of them as curious about me as I am of them!  LOL!

Hermine's visit may have been unfriendly to some....
K manor lost power for over 27 hours...
but despite the inconveniences, we enjoyed time with family.

...and to the rest of the green around us?
They loved her visit!

Typically, I'll get a bloom or two....  but ALL of them?!?

As for me, the rains were a welcome friend...
..and I ran towards K Manor Woods and danced!

And I thanked the heavens for allowing me to just "BE".
and to continue to bless me with all the bounty.... and for LIFE.
It really is true...
that when you give with pure heart.
You will always be rewarded back.

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